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Brick Painting

someone is applying white paint on the brick wall

Besides providing masonry services, we also provide exceptional brick painting services to help you further customize your existing brick. Many clients often choose to paint their brick instead of replacing it so that it can adhere to a particular aesthetic while also maintaining its structural integrity. Brick painting is a great way to alter the appearance of your brick and without having to tear it down before it's ready to be replaced. Painting brick requires the techniques and services of licensed masons who understand the methods needed to adequately paint brick and ensure that the paint lasts long-term.


Colors to Consider

When it comes to painting brick, there are a few colors that you would likely want to consider that will adhere to your brick and brighten it up. One of the most common colors is a variation of white, cream, eggshell, or beige, which can give your brick a contemporary and clean aesthetic. You can also choose if you would like your mortar painted as well as some clients will only opt to have the surface of the brick painted and not the entire area, with mortar included. We can also give your brick custom finishes, such as mixing colors, buffing away the paint to give it a rustic look, or giving it an exposed finish.


Multilevel Properties

Many clients are often hesitant to paint their brick property if it is a multilevel property. This is because painted brick does not always have the same effect on multilevel properties that one may have desired. However, with our extensive experience in the industry, we can give you better insight and more guidance on what your property will look like should you decide to enlist our brick painting services for a larger space. Not only that, but we can also ensure that painted brick frames the higher parts of your property for the right appearance and complements key focal points, including doors and windows.



As with all of our professional brick services, we always strive for the highest standard of professionalism and precision in every project that we take on. When you work with our team of professional brick experts, you can trust that you are receiving the highest level of precision and expert masonry work available. All of our projects are completed with quality assurance measures so that we can leave the project knowing we’ve done our part to give you precision in every sense of the word!



Another main reason that clients will consider having their brick painted is that it offers a unique standard of beauty to your property. If you have an existing brick property that could use some upgrades or modernization, painting the brick is a great way to clean up the exterior and give the brick a new and refined finish. We believe that it is important to offer clients a range of brick services so that they can find the one that suits their needs, preferences, home goals, and budget. This is what we hope to achieve with our brick painting services.

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