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Brick Mailboxes

pressing in so hard to bricks so it will stick

If you are considering building a new mailbox or have an existing one that you would like to restore, we highly recommend investing in brick for your next mailbox project. This is because brick is an extremely durable and resistant building material, making it great for any outdoor structure or standalone structure - like your mailbox. Brick can easily house your mail and hold its ground, should it ever accidentally be hit or damaged.


Building a Brick Mailbox

When it comes to building a brick mailbox from scratch, we have many different styles and designs to choose from to give you some inspiration. We have extensive experience in building mailboxes of all shapes and sizes and can help accommodate the space you have available, along with your budget and preferences. Furthermore, we can also build extensions on your mailbox, including flowerbeds and other intricate designs that would help your mailbox stand out but also complement the rest of your landscape.


Why Choose Brick?

Choosing brick means you're investing in long-term building materials that requires very little maintenance but is extremely reliable and sturdy. Brick is water-resistant and heat-resistant, making it a perfect material for outdoor structures that encounter both types of weather elements. A brick mailbox is usually a bulky structure that can complement any sidewalk or walkway, leading to the rest of your landscape or your front porch. It also provides a stable barrier between your landscape and the road. We also recommend choosing brick because you can customize it to your liking with various colors or paints to choose from, as well as design techniques such as German smear brick or textured brick.



We believe in using brick because it is incredibly durable and long-lasting, serving as a timeless material you can count on. Clients come to us looking for a material that they can rely on long-term and that does not require frequent or ongoing repairs and replacements. For these reasons, we always recommend brick because once it is installed, you can get many years of fair use and service out of it without having to lift a finger. We also provide brick cleaning and repointing services should your brick ever fall into disrepair and need some special attention to restore or revitalize it. Overall, many clients enjoy the dependable durability that brick offers in comparison to other mailbox materials, such as aluminum or wood.



As mentioned previously, brick mailboxes do not require much maintenance other than the occasional cleaning or repointing. Cleaning the surface of your brick mailbox will keep it looking fresh and new, as well as removing any moss or mold that could grow along the sides as a result of moisture buildup. Because your brick mailbox will also have direct contact with the outdoor weather elements and your landscape, you may want to consider having it professionally cleaned more frequently to maintain its natural beauty and structural integrity. Otherwise, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your brick mailbox for several decades to come, as it will not lose its strength, value, or durability, even after much use.

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