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Brick Cleaning

power washing the wall made out of wood

Like any other surface in and around your home, you’ll want to ensure that your brick is kept clean and free from debris in order to maintain its structural integrity and overall beauty. We offer professional brick cleaning services that are designed to help rid the surface of your brick from any dirt or dust buildup, as well as freshen the appearance of the mortar so that it’s brighter and sleeker looking when binding together your brick. Cleaning your brick is usually done by gentle scrubbing to remove settled debris, as well as power-washing to remove further dirt buildup.


Surface Cleaning

Cleaning the surface of your brick requires special cleaning techniques that can truly remove the buildup of dust and dirt that has managed to bury into the pores of the brick. Both brick and mortar are porous materials and can easily trap dirt particles within their small crevices, leading to buildup that can later be challenging to remove and can alter the appearance of your brick. Surface cleaning techniques are done by adding a brick cleaning solution to the top of your brick and later scrubbing it off to remove the unwanted buildup.



Repointing brick is a technique that we use to revitalize the appearance and structure of your brick. Over time, you might notice that your mortar begins to deteriorate, chip, discolor, or simply crack. While these imperfections don’t necessarily mean you need to replace your brick, they could lead to an unwanted appearance in your brick that makes it appear rundown or old. Repointing the brick is then done by chipping away the top layers of mortar between the bricks and replacing it with fresh mortar that’s brighter and more secure. This process allows your brick to look like new with clean mortar.



Along with surface cleaning and repointing services, we also offer repairs. If you have an existing brick structure that could use some special attention, we offer affordable repair services that are designed to provide you exactly that! We can replace discolored, chipped, cracked, or broken bricks and rebuild structures that are deteriorating or crumbling as a result of damaged brick. If you notice more dust around the ground near your brick, this could also be a sign that your mortar is chipping away and could soon need repairing or replacing.



Ultimately, our brick cleaning services are intended to revitalize and restore your brick to its former glory. We know that you can get many years of use out of your brick with the right cleaning and maintenance methods, which is why we make sure to offer them as the trusted masonry contractors in Arlington. We're delighted to offer surface cleaning solutions to remove unwanted buildup that's present on your brick, repointing services to freshen up and brighten the mortar in between your brick and provide repairs to strengthen and rebuild the brick that's deteriorating or crumbling. Our services are aimed at helping you get long-term use out of your brick and at affordable prices that you can count on. For any brick cleaning services, you know who to call!

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