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Brick Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

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If you have a brick chimney or fireplace that you use during the colder months, you'll definitely want to make sure that your structures are always strong and solid. Since brick chimneys and fireplaces interact directly with heat, smoke, and even outdoor elements, it's crucial that you have your system inspected for damages or needed repairs before you continue using it to avoid potential hazards. Fortunately, we offer professional chimney and fireplace repairs and inspections to keep your brick as safe and durable as possible.


Brick Chimney Repairs

Brick chimney repairs are available for whatever condition your chimney is in. While brick can be incredibly reliable and durable, it's not invincible. For this reason, we recommend having your brick chimney inspected once a year or every other year whenever you plan to turn on the chimney for household use. Brick can often crack, or the mortar holding together your brick can chip away, leaving the remaining pieces loose or out of place. If you notice extra dust in your fireplace, this could be the result of chipped or deteriorating brick in your chimney, which you will want to have inspected.


Fireplace Repairs

Fireplace repairs are designed to strengthen the overall structure and function of your chimney and fireplace unit. Without a working fireplace or one that has fallen into disrepair, you’ll have a difficult time safely lighting fires or using the fireplace as a centerpiece to your home. With our fireplace repairs, we make it possible to have a beautiful fireplace that is safe for display but also safe for everyday use. Keeping your fireplace well-structured also means preventing unwanted debris from coming into your home with the ability to close and open the flue as you see fit.


Structural Integrity

As mentioned previously, we are dedicated to enhancing the structural integrity of your chimney and fireplace as one unit. We know it can be challenging to keep the two working properly and to check if they're without damages or deterioration. That's why we offer our professional inspections to reach the heights of your chimney and determine if there's cause for concern. All of our chimney and fireplace repairs are done with special techniques that prevent us from having to gut your entire structure but safely repair the damaged parts and enhance the overall security of your chimney and fireplace.



Our chimney and fireplace repair services are intended to be affordable solutions to rebuilding or replacing your chimney and fireplace. If you have an older home with a chimney that has been neglected, or your chimney and fireplace have been damaged by previous storms, we have methods in place to ensure that your structures can be repaired at a fair cost and without breaking the bank. We aim to add value to your home and give the appearance that damages were never present to begin with! Give us a chance to repair your chimney or fireplace and you won't be disappointed!

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