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Brick and Mortar Repair

man pushing the brick to stick and flatten into the cement

Brick and mortar repairs enable you to prolong the lifespan of your brick and mortar and without having to worry about constant replacements or ongoing expenses. We offer affordable repairs that are designed to target your brick and mortar damages but with a budget in mind. We know that it can be difficult to find a brick masonry contractor who will take on the simpler repairs or fix the mortar in one section of your brick. But no job is too large or too small for us – especially when it comes to repairs!


Cracked Bricks

Bricks can crack for a number of reasons, including poor installation, natural deterioration, foundation shifting, or too much dirt and soil that have crept into the pores of the brick and caused inevitable cracks over time. Whatever the cause of your cracked brick, we've made it our mission to ensure that you're never left with ongoing cracks that are bound to worsen if neglected and cracks that could devalue your property as a whole. Replacing a cracked brick or set of bricks requires chipping away and removing the damages to replace them with new ones that are sturdy and secure.


Replacing Bricks

Replacing bricks on any structure requires some level of planning to ensure that removing the section of damaged bricks won’t be hazardous to others or the building. Depending on the severity of the damages, we may have to also remove surrounding bricks that are prone to similar damages or need reinforcement measures to increase their durability. We replace bricks for various structures, including archways, stairs and retaining walls, interior walls, patios, and much more.


Repointing and Restoring Mortar

When your brick has been neglected for so long and looks dirty or dilapidated, it’s probably time to consider restoring the mortar and cleaning the bricks’ surface. This is done by scrubbing away any mold or moss that has grown on the brick as a result of moisture retention, as well as scrubbing away any dirt or dust that has accumulated in the pores of the bricks. Once the surface has been cleaned, we’ll then chip away the mortar in between the bricks and refill the crevices with fresh mortar that is newly-mixed and installed into the areas lining each brick. Combined, this can give your brick surface a new and refined finish.



The safety and comfort of our customers is our top priority. This means that if you have cracked or damaged brick and mortar that are detrimental to your safety, we'll take action immediately and offer further recommendations to protect you and your property. Most of the time, we don't see damages that reach this extent, but we'll often need to recommend staying away from cracked or crumbling stairs or replacing a retaining wall sooner rather than later to avoid falling or breaking around your lawn. We're here to maintain your safety and do everything we can promote safe brick and mortar solutions when we tackle your brick and mortar projects. That’s how we’ve retained our title as the number one masonry company in Arlington!

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