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Archway Restoration

concrete brick wall and buildings

Archway restoration services are provided to those that have brick integrated into the structural makeup of their archway. These are often present around the front doors or porches of the home, as well as patio doors or throughout the interior of the home, where brickwork is also prevalent. We have continually been rated one of the top brick masons in the area, and we're delighted to assist with your brick archways and any restoration that follows.


Broken Archways

Archways can become damaged over time if they have been neglected, poorly installed, or have suffered from a blunt force that has otherwise cracked or damaged the brick itself. If your archway is broken, it can be hazardous to leave the archway without repairs as the dust and particles from the cracked or broken brick can fall on those who walk through the archway. We assist in providing repair and restoration services for brick archways of all sizes.


Heightening Archways

If you have existing archways that need to be heightened, either because they’re too low or they don’t provide enough visibility and light into a room, then we can assist in reducing the amount of brick that makes up the actual arch. The arch is composed of several rows of bricks that have been delicately laid to form the archway structure that then builds up around the sides of the walls and frame, and is then integrated into the rest of the building structure. Heightening an archway doesn’t necessarily mean widening the arch, but instead reducing how low it sits to provide more passageway and light visibility. Lower archways tend to block light in rooms and can make them appear darker.


Stabilizing Archways

Stabilizing your archway is one of the final steps needed to ensure that your archway is safe to use and can support the weight of the surrounding building materials. If your arch is not stable, you can expect bricks to eventually become cracked or loose, potentially injuring someone, or you might notice the mortar deteriorating with an accumulation of dust on the ground near the archway. Ensuring that the weight of your arch is proportionate to the rest of the structure will deliver better and safer results.



Our goal is to keep you safe and comfortable at all times. This includes the restoration of an archway or any repairs associated with your brick. Bricks are painful and have the ability to severely hurt others if they are deteriorating or in failing condition. That's why we're committed to providing high-quality restoration and repair services that are reliable and affordable for all. Never again should you have to worry about your brick cracking or crumbling, not being able to afford repairs, or your archway potentially collapsing because you were unable to get the brick repair services you needed. We’re here to change all of that and give you reliable archway restoration solutions for any archway you have, both indoor and outdoor!

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